Got Ube On Your Plate? Here Are The Top 5 Trends That Will Hit Your Plate In 2018.

There is no love sincerer than the love for food.

Absolutely true. There is nothing that brings friends and family together like a big ol plate of biryani or that dry fruit mithai! Traditions aside, every year is ruled by a couple of food trends that consistently make it to your plate. 2016 was the year of the ginormous freak shake and mason jar glasses, 2017 saw the rise of of charcoal as an active ingredient in every kind of dish – 2018 is going to be the year we go completely molecular. Jalebi caviar, lemon shots for your night out – it’s going to be everywhere. Here the top 5 trends that are going to be rocking 2018.

1) It’s all going molecular.

Have you ever tried a smoked cocktail? A foamy martini? Or little pearls of yum in your plate? Molecular gastronomy has found its way into India with a bang and is already taken over. The art of using chemistry to give regular ingredients and recipes a new dimension is what makes molecular gastronomy so much fun. In 2017 it is pretty much restricted to cocktail tricks, but 2018 will see it finding inroads in different cuisines, modern bar food, savoury, desserts and more. Suit up for some gulab jamun with a twist.

2) A seriously healthy outlook towards everyday food habits.

2018’s focus is slowly but definitely going to shift completely towards healthy, organic, gluten free way of living. Studies showcase that a grain-eating lifestyle is doing the body more harm than good, and we need to incorporate cleaner options in our diet. Dry fruits are an excellent source of healthy vitamins, minerals, oils and fat which are crucial for our overall well being and the year ahead is definitely gonna be nuts!

3) Is that real meat? Nope it artificially engineered!

With an increase in population and decrease in natural resources, it’s the food labs of the world that are going to save mankind with artificially engineered everything. These foods will have a higher nutritional content and the first step is towards decreasing the public’s meat consumption. Brands in the USA are creating alternatives to the humble burger meat which has gained a lot of positive response in 2017. The year ahead will see plant based diets on the rise as a secondary step to artificially engineered foods!

4) All hail the mocktail.

Every year, there is always a serious churn of great products in the alcohol industry and mixologists all over the world dream up great cocktails recipes. Now though the focus is shifting to little/no alcohol to be sociable. The current generation is lot healthier and wants to stay free of alcohol. The humble mocktail is getting a revamp with some truly eclectic flavors and techniques! Ever tried a spinach and apple cosmopolitan?

5) Don’t waste that food, recycle it!

When the last time to used the leftover watermelon skin to make whole new dish? The concept of using food waste to create new recipes is specially noble as we all need to do our part in reducing wet waste at pollute our environment. Recycling food waste back into the cooking process has found some traction and is slowly making its way into India. For example: pumpkin seeds are crushed and used a textural element in plenty of desserts.

So grab your forks and be ready for these trends next year! Got any more to add? Tell us in the comments and we’ll feature it in our article 🙂

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