Why Frubee?


The Frubee pack looks appealing and alluring for a reason. A lot of thought and hard work has gone into it.  It looks like somebody has put a lot of experience and expertise into designing it. Why?  To attract your attention.  That’s why.  But do you think we stopped there?  No we haven’t.  Working back from arresting first appearances, we have incorporated quality into every step of our business process.  Starting from choosing the best suppliers.  No, we don’t choose the cheapest supplier.  We choose the most reliable supplier who can deliver the best quality and freshest dry fruits at all times.  Supplier chosen, then we move to shipping the dry fruits to our processing facility.  The dry fruits are transported in temperature controlled vans and and stored in a controlled environment, free from insects and pests.  When it’s time to package the dry fruits, the first step is sorting and grading.


Sorting and Grading:

Why do we sort and grade?  Because we want our customers to get the best value for their money.  It is common practice among sellers to mix inferior grade goods with higher grade ones.  Like for example, there are 6 different grades of cashews, 380, 360, 320, 240, 210, and 180.  (The lower the number, the better.)  The grade number is basically the number of cashews in 50 grams, so in the 360 grade, there will be 36 cashews in 50 grams and the size of the cashews will be small.  Likewise, in the 210 grade, there will be only 21 cashews in 50 grams, which means the cashews will be large.  We sell the 210 grade of cashews as it gives the best presentation at the most reasonable price.  It is common for sellers to mix the grades, put in a few lower grade cashews in the higher grade box and then sell them for the price of the higher grade.  We do NOT do that.  When we say 210, you will get only 210 grade of cashews.  If there is a price to pay for honesty, we will pay it.  🙂

Then there is debris.  Our boxes contain 99% or more of whole products.  Very rarely will you see broken bits in our packages.  Sorting and grading is very important to us to maintain the highest quality of produce in our Frubee boxes.

After sorting and grading, then we come to the packaging.



Do you know where people’s hands go?  Do you know that people’s hands are one of the most contaminated areas of the body.  The average human hand contains fecal matter bacteria too!  Now, how do you feel now about your grocer’s hands going into the dry fruits jar to fish out your dry fruits for you?  We know, it’s yucky.  That’s why we take great care your dry fruits are not touched by human hands.  Our employees wear gloves that are discarded and changed virtually every hour of the working day.

How about mouths?  Do you know that a fine mist of saliva is expelled from our mouths each time we talk?  That is why our workers wear a face mask so that there is no contamination of your dry fruits.

What about hair?  Would you like to see hair in your food?  We don’t, so our employees all wear hair nets designed to keep hair out of our products.


That’s just the beginning.  We go further to ensure your dry fruits remain fresh until they reach your table.  This responsibility is taken care of by our vacuum sealant machine.  After carefully weighing and packing each product in food grade, superior, thick plastic pouches, the pouches are placed in a vacuum sealant machine.  The machine first flushes the pouch with a blast of nitrogen rich air.  After about 30 seconds of such flushing, strong vacuum suction is activated and all the air is sucked out of the pouch even as it is instantly sealed to ensure that the freshness is sealed in.  After vacuum sealing, the contents of the pouch are safe from contamination/degradation for up to 1 year, but we recommend that you consume our products 4 months from the date of packing for best results, although they are still good to eat even 6 months after.  🙂

Such vacuumed and sealed pouches are then lovingly inserted into our beautiful Frubee boxes.  Oh, shall we tell you a little bit more about the boxes?  Here goes.

We know you are a discerning customer and you deserve nothing but the best.  That is why we did not cut corners while designing the boxes and choosing the material to make the boxes.  The boxes are made of the highest grade 320 GSM ITC Board Paper.  After printing, the boxes undergo lamination and drip-off ensuring that they look like a million dollars.  But are they expensive?  No, they cost but a penny.  What that means is that even though they look premium and expensive, they are not really so because we print in bulk quantities and that keeps the cost of printing down.

We believe in providing top quality at the most reasonable price possible and that philosophy informs and drives every action of our company.

So there you go.  What looks like a simple box of dry fruits really actually jumps through many hoops to make it to your tables.  So what are you waiting for, go to www.frubee.in and order your own box of Frubee right now!

Feel free to add comments below.  Your words mean the world to us.

2 thoughts on “Why Frubee?

  1. Priyanka Agarwal says:

    What’s the difference between your product and the one at the neighboring shop. Please don’t mind me saying this, but why should we pay you for “decoration.”

    • Frubee India says:

      Thank you for writing to us.

      For one, your friendly neighborhood shop is not focused on quality, he’s focused on profit, even if at your expense. We’re focused on quality. For two, it’s not just decoration. We are known for our high quality dry fruits, which we package fresh and hands-free in attractive packaging that reflects our quality, and deliver them to your doorstep. No grocer can match that. A neighboring grocer shop’s first priority is to maximize profits, so the quality is not always predictable. Plus, goods are handled with carelessly. Read above why handling is important please. 🙂

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