The Blue Bullet!

Hi and welcome to the official website of Frubee, the dry fruits and spices super brand!  I am Amit Bhattacharya, and I launched Frubee in 2017.

With my wife and daughter, I live a quiet and peaceful life in the Pune suburb of Kharadi. I can often be seen puttering around East Pune riding my blue Bullet.

I started Frubee in 2017 after 18 years in the ITES industry.  I now sell Frubee brand of dry fruits and spices, online and offline.

Why start Frubee, you ask?  Well, it all started with my search for good quality almonds and walnuts for my daughter.  I shopped like we all do.  First, I tried the “cheap brands” and the results were horrifying.  Why?  Because “cheap” and “good” in the same sentence went out of style when humans invented money.  Now, cheap = bad.  No dispute.

Then I bought the “expensive brands” and while the quality was good, they were… umm, how do I put it?  Expensive!  I started thinking, there had to be a middle path.  Good quality at a reasonable price.  Thus, was born Frubee.

Now, everybody loves dry fruits!  And who doesn’t use spice?  Frubee brings top quality products at a reasonable price.

I can go on and on about how my products are great (whose aren’t? 🙂 ), but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, isn’t it?  So click here and go to the shop!  No?  Want to read more?  Well, read on…

About once a month, I drive down to Mumbai to hand select the best dry fruits and spices and truck them over to my Kharadi ‘godown’ (it’s so tiny, some wardrobes are bigger) for processing.  I choose my products like you would for your own family.  Price/Profit is not my concern.  Quality is.  I’ve become a champion at providing top quality at a reasonable price.  Just what my customers want!

I am helped in my work by Asha and Ashwini, two of the most helpful and hardworking youngsters you’ll ever come across.  Deliveries are handled by Umesh who works by day and studies by night.


Ashwini and Asha striking a pose with our products!

At our godown, we further sort and grade our products because only the best is good enough for my customers.

Ashwini and Asha hard at work.

Here’s a pic of our Chilean walnuts being shelled.  That’s how fresh our products are!

Now, the Internet is a great equalizer.  It’s allowed me to do what I always wanted to do, launch a brand and market it to the widest audience possible!  As a brand owner, I want my customer to have the best of both worlds, great quality at a reasonable price!  Try this offline with today’s commercial shop rents?  Well, good luck trying!  But on the Internet, since I buy in huge quantities and my overheads are almost nil since I own no prime-location shop, I can pass on the price benefits to my customers direct.  Imagine!  When we run promos here, you’ll find great products and prices cheaper than even Amazon and Flipkart!

My prime location is this site and, during promos, you’ll find guaranteed lowest prices for dry fruits on this website, my online-shop-with-no -overheads!  Order here and give us a try.  If you don’t simply just love our products, I’ll refund all your money back, no questions asked.  I’m a crazy Lala, I tell you.  🙂

This is my online shop. You are buying from me!  If you like the products, I’m the one to thank!  But more importantly, in the unlikely event you don’t like something, you know who to catch!

Additionally to this website, Frubee is available on Amazon and Qtrove along with many shops across Pune!  We often run promos on this website and if you happen to buy during one such promo, I promise you that you will not find lower prices anywhere else for Frubee quality dry fruits and spices.

In parting, I like to hear from my customers (who sometimes become friends too), so do drop a line, even if just to say you love Frubee!

Amit Bhattacharya

P.S.:  Don’t forget to click here and go to the shop.  Once there, browse the page or run a search for the product you want.  Do it now!