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Your Retailer Is Robbing You Blind. And You Don’t Even Realize It. (Yes, Even The Online Retailers)

We are all consumed by the ever rising fuel prices and how the govt. taxes fuel excessively, and how it is all affecting our monthly budgets.  But how much do you spend on fuel each month as a percentage of your monthly income?  Less than 5%.  How much on groceries?  Much more than that, close […]

Dry Fruits- It’s Not Just A Celebration, But A Lifestyle.

What does Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Onam, virtually every festival around the globe have in common? A holiday from work,  great famjam, awesome gifts and loads of desserts to sweeten the occasion! Be it Kaju Katli or Baklava or a Christmas fruit cake or a fancy Oliebollen ( deep fried raisin donuts from Holland), each recipe […]

Got Ube On Your Plate? Here Are The Top 5 Trends That Will Hit Your Plate In 2018.

There is no love sincerer than the love for food. Absolutely true. There is nothing that brings friends and family together like a big ol plate of biryani or that dry fruit mithai! Traditions aside, every year is ruled by a couple of food trends that consistently make it to your plate. 2016 was the […]

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