Frubee Cloves (Lavang, Laung)


  • Pomander: Take a whole orange, pierce it with 50-100 g cloves, and keep it in your wardrobe for a few days to refresh it! Your earliest introduction to clove was when it was put on an aching tooth. What an experience! The terrible toothache is accompanied by an intense burning and tingling in the mouth due to clove (essential oils, you see?)! But after that harrowing first experience, you’ve grown to love cloves in your food, haven’t you? You cannot buy better cloves than Frubee Cloves, btw.
  • Cloves are actually flowers! Bet you didn’t know that! Apart from it’s obvious health benefits, clove also forms an important part of Indian cuisine, specifically the masalas used in it. While it is a dried flower bud, one must still buy it fresh and store it in an airtight container/pack so it does not lose flavour. Frubee Cloves are sourced and packed fresh and retain freshness for up to 9 months
  • The clove growing regions in India are Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Cloves are the dried flower buds of an evergreen tree. Frubee cloves come from Kerala. Sorted and graded for best quality. These cloves can be grinded to make pure clove powder too.
  • Contents: Pack of 3 (50 g x 3 = 150 grams). Special price offer open only until stocks last. Hurry up! Add to cart now!
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