Dr. V. T. Date

Pediatrician and Ace Golfer Par Excellence!

“Dry fruits have been the secret of my success.  My family (all doctors) has been consuming dry fruits for a long time.  We used to purchase dry fruits from the Marketyard wholesale market in Gultekdi, Pune, but the quality of those dry fruits was not up to mark.  We are very happy to have found Frubee.  Frubee dry fruits are superior in quality and are great value for money too!  I totally recommend Frubee to all my family and friends.”

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Unmesh Bhatija

CEO, Websym Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“I have been having dry fruits since my childhood and among the ones that I like the most are dried figs, cashews and almonds. I have been regularly buying dry fruits from the heart of Delhi city (Khari Baoli) as they sell the best quality at very reasonable prices. Frubee brand comes very close to selling quality dry fruits and I am compelled to benchmark the quality with the ones that are sold in Khari Baoli. I have had a good experience with their service. Their packaging is unique and one can see the passion behind selling this commodity the way it is presented in the retail stores.”

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Bimalesh D. Jha

Software Architect and avid motorcyclist.

“I know the value of regularly consuming dry fruits.  I have imbibed the habit of dry fruit consumption from my childhood and have inculcated the same in my children.  Frubee to me brings me the best dry fruits at the most reasonable price which is why I am a regular consumer.”

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Sunil Nair


“I want only the best for my family.  Money doesn’t matter.  But with Frubee, I can provide the best quality dry fruits to my family and also save money!  IMO, Frubee is the best dry fruits brand on the market.”

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