The Wunderkid

Being a kid is hard. Rise to the top of the class, cross the finish line first, and boost your brain health with Frubee!


These Frubee Walnuts will give your children a step up in their game and make them smarter! To make it easier on their palate, try our special Caramel Covered Walnuts too.

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Dried Apricots

No more fever! Apricots keep the temperature down and the immunity up! Did you know that you can fight cough and cold with Frubee too? Try our Turkish Golden Apricots too!

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Green Raisins

No more running behind your kid to eat his healthy fruit, just a handful of raisins everyday are more than enough for his well being! Don’t miss out on this easy peasy advice.

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Ditch that glass of chocolate milk and make our Frubee Almonds your kid’s best friend. With protein, fibre, minerals and carbohydrates, it’s a balanced diet with no fear!

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Mejdool Dates

Want a sugar free living with ease? Cut out the sugar and eat Frubee dates instead! They are natural sweeteners and have all the spunk without the high!

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